Domestic and international transport is the core of our operations. We excel at comprehensive transport services, from food and industrial goods to the most demanding ADR or air cargo. Our trailers can carry up to 22-25 tonnes of cargo, and their exact specifications can be adapted to suit a broader scope of customer needs. To note, we are listed as the entity authorised to handle packaging and various types of waste under BDO number 000419802.

ADR cargo

Certain types of cargo require special conditions. This is the case for ADR cargo, that is cargo covered by the international convention on dangerous goods. Both our trucks and warehouses are fully suited to support that type of cargo.

“Door-to-door” service

Our services also includes comprehensive cargo pick-up and delivery from the customer’s location to the indicated address. International “door-to-door” transport allows to reduce the delivery time and formalities to the minimum. We also ensure that the cargo is safe, with our experts supervising the entire process. We deal with transport planning, customs clearance, selection of the right vehicles and containers, as well as handling, saving our customers’ precious time and costs.

“Just-in-time” service

We are aware how important flexibility is in logistics and delivery chains. That is why we offer the “just-in-time” service, delivering goods to the customers exactly when they need them. This reduces operating costs of cargo storage.

We are reliability-focused, and that is why we are able to comply with all “just-in-time” transport requirements. We can deliver the goods at any time of the day, but also offer repackaging with no 24-hour advice requirement.

Contract and trucking services

Full availability of vehicles, cooperation in the “own fleet” system, and full availability are the benefits of using the contract services from Geber Sp. z o.o. In this service model, customers can use both our vehicles and their own trailers with our tractors. This is an ideal solution where the priority is to ensure process stability in combination with flexibility. Our vehicle fleet is upgraded on an ongoing basis, which is why we are fully reliable and comply with the latest standards.