Geber Sp. z o.o. operates a modern warehouse in  Tarnowo Podgórne. Its convenient location near the S11 and A2 (Świecko-Warsaw) interchange allows us to offer maximum efficiency and swift delivery from our warehouse. The total available floor space of our warehouse is 2,600 m2, with a high-stack option.

Key parameters of our warehouse:

  • warehousing space (2,600 m2, up to 6.6 m in height);
  • entire warehouse heated;
  • four gates at level “0” and a loading bay;
  • fire resistance conforming to grade „E” (Q < 500 MJ/m2);
  • warehouse suitable for ADR and other demanding cargo.

“Just-in-time” service

We are aware how important flexibility is in logistics and delivery chains. That is why we offer the “just-in-time” service, delivering goods to the customers exactly when they need them. This reduces operating costs of cargo storage.

We are reliability-focused, and that is why we are able to comply with all “just-in-time” transport requirements. We can deliver the goods at any time of the day, but also offer repackaging with no 24-hour advice requirement.