Our vehicle fleet includes over 30 modern trucks that match our customers’ needs. We employ solutions from proven manufacturers. Key parameters:

  • capacity – 34 pallets,
  • maximum load – from 22 to 25 tonnes,
  • height – from 2.65 to 3 m,
  • width – 2.48 m,
  • length – 13.6 m,
  • volume – from  90 to 100 m3,
  • loading – side, back or top,
  • XL certificate,
  • Euro 6 emission standard,
  • multilock system,
  • VDI certificate,
  • raised and sliding Edscha roofs.

We also offer freezer and isothermal trailers. Our fleet includes solo trucks with convenient self-loading lifts.

Some trailers are available in the pallet cage version. For each vehicle type, our customers can choose from a broad selection of options to secure the cargo. The average service life of our vehicles is less than 2 years. We work with authorised service garages across Europe. The location and working parameters of our vehicles and strictly controlled by telematics with GPS.